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Chapel of the Resurrection (COR) has been the chaplaincy for St Andrews Junior College for over 20 years. The vision of the founders of the college was not only to provide high academic standards but also to develop Christian character. The school has a strong Christian ethos and promotes values built on biblical principles.

In 2000, Canon James Wong, founder of COR and chaplain of SAJC, tasked a few of his pastoral staff to look into strategies to more effectively impact the college community with the gospel. The idea of having a team of ‘mentors’ to penetrate more deeply into the student community was born. They would mingle with the students on the ground and build meaningful relationships with them, through which they would share the love of Christ with them and be a positive witness to them for the gospel. They would also provide a listening ear to them and minister to their emotional needs. This team in many ways serve as mentors to these students, guiding them through this formation period of their lives.

This ministry has evolved over the years to become what is now known as the SAJC Ministry in COR. Several cell groups of student believers have been born through this ministry, which has been assimilated to the church, particularly the youth congregation.

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Daily life of a Mentor

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The main bulk of a mentor's day in SAJC is spent interacting with the students. The mentors will join classes for their PE lessons and sometimes for lunch in the canteen. Mentors will also join a CCA to expand our outreach.



As a mission school, SAJC has a chapel program for students. Mentors are required to assist the chaplaincy and the school in producing and facilitating these sessions



The Saints for Christ CCA helms the morning worship sessions in SAJC. Mentors are also involved in serving together with the students. Unfortunately, due to the COVID19 situation, morning worship in SAJC has been put on hold until further notice.

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